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Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II


The IMIP organizes the X International workshop and a public seminar for the evaluation of health services


With a presentation focused on the defense of SUS and the construction of knowledge to strengthen public health policies, the general superintendent of IMIP, Tereza Campos, inaugurated the X International Workshop of the Equity-LA II project on Monday morning, February 28, in the Institute's Thesis Defense Room: "The public health challenges in Brazil are enormous, but I believe in our capacity to reinvent ourselves and find solutions," said the manager.
More than 50 health professionals from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Spain and Belgium are participating in the research, led in Brazil by researcher Isabella Samico, who coordinates the Health Assessment Study Group at IMIP. The opening table was also composed by the Superintendent of Education and Research, Afra Suassuna, and the researcher María Luisa Vásquez.
In the period between January 28 and February 1, 2019, the IMIP will hold the workshop, which aims to evaluate the progress of the work of each research team; present and discuss the scientific articles and good practice guides and the lessons learned by the professionals and managers who are preparing each team.
"We have been able to work smoothly and this has made a great contribution. In addition to contributing to the services, to the networks participating in the study, there is also a contribution to the learning of our health assessment study team. The research has allowed this strengthening from the technical-scientific point of view for our researchers. This growth has been very important," said Dr. Isabella Samico, research coordinator in Brazil.
On February 4, 2019, the Public Seminar will be held: "Experiences of Integration of Care in Health Service Networks in Latin America. Results of the Equity-LA II project, in Caruaru (SENAC - Centro de Convenções Djalma de Farias). The objective of this seminar is the presentation, discussion and dissemination of the results (the process of implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions) of the project Equity-LA II. 
The public seminar will be attended by managers, professionals and students from the health networks of the municipalities of Caruaru and Recife and the Equity-LA II research teams.