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Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II


Fourth edition of the course on integrated health networks at the School of Public Health in Chile


For the fourth consecutive year, the Summer School of the School of Public Health Dr. Salvador Allende of the University of Chile, offered the course based on the experience of Equity-LA II, which this year was entitled: Participatory Action Research in Public Health Networks and Communities. The course took place in Santiago between January 13 and 17, 2020 and twenty-five health professionals from various disciplines participated, including primary care physicians, oncologists, nurses, physical therapists, social workers, psychologists and other health service professionals from different areas of the health system in Chile and other countries, such as Peru, Colombia, Haiti and the United States. The speakers in the course were Dr. Maria Luisa Vazquez of the Consorci de Salut i Social de Catalunya, Dr. Pamela Eguiguren, from the School of Public Health of the University of Chile, other teachers and researchers from the University of Chile, and professionals from the network of the Servicio Metropolitano Norte (RISSMN).
The course presented the characteristics and results of the evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions implemented in the context of a PRA in health services. Thus, the main content of this fourth edition of the course was mainly to review the principles and methods of Participatory Action Research (PAR) in an applied manner, analysing the real processes and lessons learned from national and international experiences, as well as to learn about and reflect on the theoretical foundations and methods of participatory action research in the field of health services and community interventions. 
The course is part of the activities that are being developed to strengthen skills and disseminate lessons learned within the EU-funded project Impact of strategies for integrating care into health service networks of different health systems in Latin America (Equity-LA II), in which six Latin American and two European countries participated.