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Consorci de Salut i d’Atenció Social de Cataluña (CSC), Spain

The CSC is a public entity that groups public health providers of the Catalonian national health system. The CSC has contributed to the modernisation of the national health system in Catalonia, promoting the decentralisation by increasing autonomy and co-responsibility in healthcare management. CSC has a collaboration agreement with the PAHO to provide support regarding the introduction of IHN in the Americas.

The Health Policy Research Unit (HPRU) forms part of the CSC and is a leading research unit in health policy and health services in Spain. Its main areas of research are: integration in health care and access in Latin America and Catalonia, health financing, social participation in health systems and migrants’ health care. The HPRU develops multidisciplinary strategies to health systems research combining qualitative with quantitative methods.


Access to the CSC website

Staff involved in the project

Principal investigator: M. Luisa Vázquez MD, PhD, MSc, is head of the HPRU and has conducted research and training in the field of public health and health systems in Latin America for the last 25 years; first as a researcher at the University of Heidelberg and then as a lecturer at the University of Liverpool, before moving to Spain in 1999. She has wide ranging experiences in action-research, qualitative research methods and population surveys in health systems and services research. She has been the principal investigator in several research projects financed by the European Commission.

Ingrid Vargas, BA Econ, PhD and MSc is a health economist and researcher at the HPRU. Her areas of expertise are the analysis of health policies, health financing, health system reforms, equity, access to healthcare and integrated health care networks.

Aida Oliver Project Management.

Zahara Lucena Administrative.

They collaborated in the early stages of the project:

Irene Garcia-Subirats researcher, until May 2016. Sina Waibel project manager and researcher, until December 2016. Marta Beatriz Aller researcher, until March 2017. Elena Arroyo researcher, until September 2017. Nuria Martínez administrative, until May 2017. Silvia Dominguez administrative, until December 2017. Andrea Barquet project manager, until April 2018. Samia El Hammam administrative, until April 2018. Ana Isabel Romero researcher until June 2018. Marianna Vitaloni researcher until June 2018.