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Universidad del Rosario (URosario), Colombia

URosario is a private, non-profit institution founded in 1653. It has the institutional accreditation of the National Ministry of Education and is one of the most important universities in Colombia. It currently has 32 research groups that are officially recognized by the Colombian Institute for the Development of Science and Technology “Francisco José de Caldas” (COLCIENCIAS). The university has participated in international cooperation actions, financed by the European Commission, the Inter American Development Bank, the Pan American Health Organization, and the United Nations Development Program, among others. The university’s ultimate mission is academic excellence, institutional capacity and knowledge development.

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences (EMCS) is focused on understanding the dynamics of social policy, the analysis of systems and access to health services, social exclusion, citizen participation, and citizenry and democracy. The EMCS has become a reference for public policy evaluation concerning vulnerable populations.

Staff involved in the project

Principal Investigator: Amparo Mogollón is a Senior Lecturer and works at the Center for Research in Health Sciences at the Universidad del Rosario. She has broad experience in health policy research with a focus on access to health services, the coordination and integration of care, and qualitative research.

Angela M. Pinzon is an Associate Professor at the EMCS and has carried out research and training in the field of public health for over ten years. She has worked in child health in Latin America, the United States and Africa. She has broad experience in qualitative methodology, especially in population health surveys.

Virginia Garcia is a lecturer at the EMCS and has experience in community health, anthropology and qualitative research.