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Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico

The UV is one of the principal public higher education institutions in the Mexican province, with a 69 year track record, and is recognized for its wide educational offering for 62,000 students through 304 formal educational programs at the technical, undergraduate and postgraduate level. Research is carried out through 24 institutes.

The Institute of Public Health combines training and research through a professional master’s program, recognized as a quality program by the National Council for Science and Technology. The Institute has developed fives lines of research in public health, one of which is related to the analysis and evaluation of the organized social response for health. Its objective is to generate and apply knowledge on topics related to health policy, legal framework for public health, planning and strategic management, health service and program administration, regulation and control in public health, innovation in health systems, and training and education for the public health workforce.

Staff involved in the project

  • Principal Investigator since January 2018:  Edit Rodriguez Romero  is a researcher and teacher with experience in health systems, health legislation, and training for the health workforce. She was Minister of Health of the state of Veracruz and in 2008 was recognized at the state and national level with Health Merit Prize.
  • Dulce María Cinta Loaiza is a researcher and teacher in public health policy, social determinants, gender and health and training of the health workforce. She was recognized by the Veracruzana University Program “Women with Big Ideas” in 2012.
  • Julieta López Vázquez is a research coordinator.
  • Damián Eduardo Pérez Martínez is a research assistant.
  • Néstor Iván Cabrera Mendoza is a research assistant.
  • María Angélica Tapia Vázquez is a project management.


They collaborated in the early stages of the project:

Angélica Ivonne Cisneros Luján worked as a Principal Investigator until December 2017.

Vianey González Rojas worked as a research assistant until December 2017.