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Doctoral theses

Evaluation of coordination care between levels in a municipality of State of Pernambuco, Brasil

Ferreira M - 2019

Barriers of access between care levels: a cross-sectional study in public healthcare networks of Latin America. [master's thesis]

Cabrera, JM - 2019

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La coordinación entre niveles asistenciales en América Latina: una revisión sistemática [master's thesis]

García P - 2016

Access to care in the health systems of Colombia and Brazil. An analysis of barriers, determinants and equity in access

Garcia-Subirats I - 2015

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Preventable infant mortality, and health care access in Recife, Brazil from the perspective of key stakeholders

Vanderlei L - 2010

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Barriers to access to health care in managed competition models: a case study in Colombia

Vargas I - 2009

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Access to people displaced by armed conflict to health services in the state social enterprises first citywide Bogota, Colombia

Mogollón A - 2004

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