Fundació Sant Joan de Déu (FSJD), Spain

Fundació Sant Joan de Déu (FSJD), Spain

The Fundació Sant Joan de Déu (FSJD) is a private non-profit research organisation founded in 2002. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of people's health and well-being by promoting, supporting and managing the research and innovation activities of the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu (PSJD) and other related organisations.
The FSJD currently has 8 consolidated research groups working mainly in the fields of mental health and maternal and child health. In addition, the FSJD offers specialised services and support to researchers and their research activities. The structure of the FSJD includes a Clinical Research Ethics Committee, a Clinical Trials Unit, a Research Support Office, an Administration and Human Resources Department, Knowledge Management and Communication, Patient Advocacy at the Research Centre, among other facilities and services. The FSJD has solid experience in the management of coordinated and associated H2020 projects, among other EC-funded programmes.

Several consolidated research groups form part of the Sant Joan de Déu Research Institute (IRSJD), including those of the FSJD and, specifically, the Research Group on Health Technologies and Outcomes in Primary Care and Mental Health (PRISMA Research Group) coordinated by Dr. María Rubio and Dr. Antoni Serrano.

PRISMA is a multidisciplinary group of clinicians and researchers that aims to evaluate and improve the efficiency of health services. The PRISMA research group is part of the National Research Network on Primary Prevention and Health Promotion in Primary Care ( and the Spanish Consortium for Biomedical Research in Epidemiology and Public Health (, both funded by the Spanish Ministry of Health. The PRISMA Research Group also collaborates with several Spanish research groups on complex interventions aimed at reducing the risk of comorbid mental and physical disorders.


Maria Rubio-Valera

Principal Investigator B Pharm, PhD

, Co-Coordinator of the PRISMA Group of the FSJD and researcher of group 58 of the CIBERESP. Director of the Quality and Patient Safety Department of the PSSJD. Her research focuses on the evaluation of health technologies in Mental Health and Primary Care. From a methodological point of view, María Rubio-Valera has extensive experience in the mixed methods approach and has participated in projects based on qualitative research, participatory action research and pragmatic trials and modelling for cost-effectiveness analysis. He has conducted several studies evaluating the costs of interventions on patient behaviours, such as agitation in patients with mental disorders or adherence-related problems. He has also evaluated health policies, such as the introduction of co-payment measures, focusing on the evaluation of health inequalities generated by their implementation.

Antoni Serrano-Blanco


Psychiatrist, Coordinator of the Grup PRISMA of the FSJD, principal investigator of group 58 of the CIBERESP, assistant to the Mental Health Directorate of the PSSJD. He is an expert in health economics, who has led several projects focused on the evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of interventions implemented in primary care, as well as their processes. He has extensive experience in the economic evaluation of interventions aimed at improving cancer care.

Ignacio Aznar-Lou

PhD en Farmacia por la Universidad de Barcelona, 2017

He is currently working as a junior postdoctoral researcher in the CIBERESP group 58 and in the PRISMA group of the FSJD. He is an expert in the management of real-world data (medical records-based data) to inform health decision-making. He has been involved in the qualitative analysis of participatory research-based projects, as well as in projects aimed at assessing the costs of interventions and the impact of health policies on health inequalities and patient behaviours.

Mª Montserrat Gil-Girbau

B Pharm, PhD

Is a postdoctoral researcher in the PRISMA Group of the FSJD and a technician in the Quality and Patient Safety Department of the PSSJD. She is a member of the IAPP network. Her research focuses on qualitative health research and she has led participatory action research projects. She has extensive experience in strategic planning projects in mental health and primary care. She has participated in process evaluation of complex interventions of pragmatic trials related to adherence to pharmacological treatments and lifestyles. In addition, she has collaborated in paradigm shift projects aimed at fostering shared decision-making and empowerment in health.

Paula Arroyo Uriarte

Graduate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Master in Public Health. She is a pre-doctoral researcher in the PRISMA Group of the FSJD. She has extensive experience in qualitative research and has collaborated in several projects of the Public Health Agency of Barcelona.

Ana María Besoaín Cornejo

Graduate in Chemistry and Pharmacy, postgraduate in Health Care Pharmacy Management and Master's degree in Medicines, Health and the Health System. She is a pre-doctoral researcher in the PRISMA Group of the FSJD with links to the Chilean National Scientific and Technological Commission (CONICYT). She has worked in specialised cancer care hospitals in Chile.